Crude Oil Non-Directional Late Shorts In Indexes

Trade Notes

This morning my screen-sharing service decided not to work until right before inventory results which made the morning feel unsettled. Jumping into trades in the CL right after the report which had resulted in back to back losses. With the first trade I also had a NQ long at a reversal point to the upside which was also a loss. I decided to step away get something to eat, relax, wash my face and sat in for the afternoon trade. Next trade was a NQ long which stalled at the 20% level in which I took profit after it hesitated. Third trade was a short in the CL to the downside and that hesitated at prior support levels and took partial profit. Once the CL decided and showed that it could not push the lows I decided to take the long from the support levels which finished without any follow through for partial profit again.

The big trades of the day were the clear exhaustion of the indexes with large big prints coming into the highs where price action showed selling. I shorted both the NQ and YM with targets to the Profile Mid. NQ hit target and YM closed on partial profits.

Market Trades Position Results
NQ 3x2 2L + 1S $515
CL 4x1 1S + 3L $-50
YM 1x2 1 Short $255
Totals     $715

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