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The Efficient Trader

Futures Calendar Spread Trading

Have you ever heard the expression “stop putting all your apples in one basket?” Well yes, or no I cannot stress it enough on how true that is when it comes to any type of trading, especially in futures trading. Most retail traders are either stubborn, naïve, or just really don’t know any better.

Members of The Efficient Trader are invited to my new Futures Calendar Spread Trading Group for no additional charge. In addition to The Market Profile Trading Room I teach members futures spread trading opportunities that are designed to reduce margin risk, control volatility, and limit loss by monitoring for unfavorable changes to active trades.

General Overview of the Futures Calendar Spread Trading Group

  • Direction to the right tools, platforms, etc. to get started
  • Understand spread margins risk, reduction of volatility
  • Find highly probably spread trade opportunities
  • What to look for in seasonality and correlation
  • Back test trade opportunities before committing to each trade
  • Find, discuss, execute and manage trades from start to finish together
  • Develop a realistic trading plan built within your means

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