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Trading Strategy Results 4.12.18

in Trading Strategy Results

Trade Notes:

Crude Oil:

Today, as you will see in the recording I took multiple attempts off certain levels to the upside. The price action was not so one-sided therefore trading one contract forced to protect the trades at the +1 rather quickly. Last trade tried to give it a few more ticks only to be stopped before it went up. I finished with +2 ticks in the crude oil market today. The difference today, holding stops in place for the trades would have had a outcome of over +50 ticks for the trading day.

Credit to some members today who made the decision to hold and ride the market for some great wins today. Great Job!

UB Ultra Bond:

Strong selling in the UB market today, but not enough to force liquidation. Looked for the long off the institutional mid which resulted in rejection so I jumped out of the trade when I saw that happening.

Trading Strategy Results

Thursday: 4.12.18

  • 5 Trades: 5 Contracts – Crude Oil +2 Tick
  • 1 Trade: 2 Contracts – UB Ultra Bond -8 Ticks

Friday: 4.13.18

  • 2 Trades: 2 Contracts – Crude Oil +2 Ticks
  • 2 Trades: 4 Contracts – UB Ultra Bond -1 Tick

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