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Trading Strategy Results 4.11.18

in Trading Strategy Results

Trade Notes:

Crude Oil:

Waited for the Crude Oil Inventory Report to execute the trading strategy. I wanted the report to show us if it would reject the neutral zone and it did. Took two trades to finally get the break above the 66.16 level. First trade off the initial report rejection staled at the neutral zone high so I protected the trade at +1 tick. The second trade was off the same area as I realized the market failed to threaten lower. My initial trading bracket is for +25 ticks when I entered the trade. The market moved so fast I was unable to adjust the target higher. The trade closed at +25 ticks but went on for 140 ticks before it stopped.

UB Ultra Bond:

Once again, I did not take the opening drive as I did not want to get stuck buying the high into the open. It had strong momentum and would have been a great trade otherwise. Had to wait for the pullback in the US equity market open to look for opportunities. The resulting opportunity came off the neutral zone low when strong volume could not break lower, and the reversal point showed evident large buying action.

Trading Strategy Results

  • 1 Trade: 1 Contract – Crude Oil +1 Tick
  • 1 Trade: 1 Contract – Crude Oil +25 Tick
  • 1 Trade: 1 Contract – UB Ultra Bond +9 Ticks

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