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Trading Strategy Results 4.02.18

in Trading Strategy Results

Trade Notes:

It wasn’t until the index market showed its intention to allow the bonds to gain there strength. Both the 5 and 10 year came off the neutral zone high in which both markets went to there full potential. I held the 5yr but had to re-enter the 10yr for a second trade in which both I worked my stop to close to the market. Had the initial long in the 30yr but it had to accumulate to the sell line gap before it would begin to move. Its first movement down caused a break-even trade.

Daily Trading Strategy Performance

  • 1 Trades: 3 Contracts – 30yr Ultra $0.00
  • 2 Trades: 6 Contracts – 10yr Ultra $78.10
  • 1 Trade: 3 Contracts – 5yr Bond $226.49


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