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Trading Strategy Results 3.20.18

in Trading Strategy Results

Monday Trade Notes:

Hesitated on the mornings opening drive so I had to sit and watch the parade move all the way to the institutional level 157.19 – 157.29 where once reached evident profit taking was immediately seen. It exhausted at this level over some time and the short was established early afternoon.

Daily Trading Performance

  • 1 Trade: 4 Contracts – 30yr Ultra $1000

Tuesday Results Below:

Tuesday Trading Notes:

Majority of the overnight session traded below the institutional level of 157.02 – 157.04 and the pre-market was trading with evident rejection of the 20% control area of the market. Shorted the higher rejection which led the trade into the US open.  Second trade was looking for the continuation which failed and the third trade was inside distribution which could not materialize as the market was consolidating inside a well balanced area.

Daily Trading Performance

  • 1 Trade: 2 Contracts – 30yr Ultra $531.25
  • 1 Trade: 2 Contracts – 30yr Ultra $-125.00
  • 1 Trade: 2 Contracts – 30yr Ultra $31.25


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