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Post 30yr Auction Result Long Trade

in 30yr Treasury

Trade Notes:

Opening drive trade from 144.02 reached a price of 144.15 only to reject hard enough to close the trade at stop at 144.07 +5 ticks. Shorts on rejection at the 144.05/08 in ZB clearly evident but not executed. Shorted the ZN at the same price level but protected the trade at the +1 to early before it dropped. It tagged the +1 before the later move down. Executed another short on the next upward pullback in the ZB to realize the trade was a no go and got out on a -2 tick loss.

12:00pm was 30 year bond auction which the outcome was a lower percentage then previous and still had a bullish affect on the market. I can only think that the inflation numbers had a slight say to the bonds holding the upside. Last trade was the rejection +6 ticks of the move lower. See photo below.

Daily Trading Performance

  • 2 Trades – 30yr ZB + 281.25
  • 1 Trade – 10yr ZN + 15.62

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