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10yr Opening Drive Trade Afternoon Shorts

in 10 Year Ultra, 30yr Treasury

Trade Notes:

Today had a nice opening drive trade in the 10 year (photo below). The 30yr had a just as nice if not better move from the open. The open brings uncertainty so it was smart to measure the risk involved and trade the 10 year. After the strong performance of the Bond markets the indexes were able to recover and rally. With this information we identified short opportunities in the 10 and 30 year Bonds. Had two trades in the Crude Oil market looking for recovery to the upside from the lows. Both trades started well but had been overrun with supply.

Daily Trading Performance

  • 1 Trade – 30yr ZB +$187.50
  • 2 Trades – 10yr ZN +250.00
  • 2 Trades – Crude Oil CL -$90.00

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