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Crude Oil Futures Trading Strategy

Also included in the membership is an intraday crude oil futures trading strategy. If you are not already a member for a low monthly fee I invite you to join my futures trading room and research this semi-automated trading strategy that is synced to a custom indicator and specialized charts I’ve developed for Sierra Charts.

The Current Crude Oil Strategy Trade Performance Log – Scroll Position

The Trading Strategy

The trading strategy is built upon on a theory that is illustrated by the simple equation shown above. Using well-defined trading rules that exploit opportunities based on theoretical probability and historical statistics.

Using Semi-Automation

I took it one step further and developed an optional trading chart that signals the trades from within the trading strategy. Although it may sound or look complex, it is as straightforward as possible so it is easily approachable, well-read, and executable by all members.

No dependencies or advanced trading skills needed, they are actually discouraged!

Take a look at the short video above. It is the semi-automated crude oil chart with the trading strategy indicator overlay inside that we use in the futures trading room above. The indicator will plot static levels which will identify trading opportunities. The chart signals the trade in which every member will know where to take trades, place their stop losses and their targets. Most importantly members know what the risk is involved before they enter the trade should the trade be wrong.
Also being displayed in the video above I proactively lecture how price action and the trading strategy harmonize so you immediately begin to understand. I verbally call each trade with stops and targets and I explain the trade management from start to finish. I also hold live training classes each week which is also recorded for later access.
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