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Closed Heating Oil Positions On Crude Oil Strength

Heating Oil

Up early watching crude oil gain strength in the London session I watched the value of the heating oil positions come off significantly. I waited for the US-Open to see if it was just a temporary pullback. The open exploded with strength and for that reason, I called the exit on both Heating Oil positions.

Crude Oil Strategy

London Session

Performed extraordinary through both sessions, especially the London session. The US session you had to convince yourself to buy the top and in a hurry. Both sessions reached their targets. I just did not participate in the trades.




Spread Trades

With the new found strength in the crude oil market today the energy spreads that are on the sell side need to be looked at with end of day data. Members, please keep watch in the team portal for updates. ZC-ZW looking good but ZO stalemate as a non-performer. Will be looking for the exit on this position.

Current EOD Positions